Daily Fishing Report Florida Key by threebone
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    Daily Fishing Report Florida Key by threebone

    Persistence paid off, as I caught 4 bonefish today...whew! I was getting worried about this Fall Bonefish vacation.

    Seven Years Ago, and Four Score

    I moved to the Florida Keys seven years ago and started learning how to catch bonefish. Just being
    on the flats, 80 degree water, 85 degree air, and the sun brightening your day, is almost too good to be
    true; but then add catching a bonefish...you are hooked! I caught my first bone after about 1 year of
    studying, different flats, spotting, casting, hooking, knots, flies...etc., as so much happens so fast; so
    hooking doesn't necessarily mean catching.

    Today was a whole different experience, because this is the first time that I have caught 4 bonefish in
    one day. I have done 3 a few times; but 4 seems incredible, making me feel better about my
    persistence this Fall, because it has been very tough fishing.

    At near High tide today, I saw a broken school of 20 bonefish about 50 feet away. It took me about 5
    shots at them to get one to take, as I was begining to think that maybe they weren't bonefish, because
    some were swimming mid-level and non-interested without being spooked, when I scurry down the
    beach, cast, move along farther, cast, move back up the beach, cast...finally, fish on! Bone 1

    About 45 minutes later, I see a School of "Light Grey" down deeper, which I thought could be mullet or
    small perch, and cast. Fish on! Bone 2

    It could have been an hour later, when I spot a few shadow movements in a 5 - 6 feet deep 20X40
    foot-sized depression section; so I cast a few times that didn't spook anything. I still see shadows
    moving and cast again...fish on! Bone 3

    It must have been about 2:30 when I was walking on shore scanning the flats. I see 2 bones bolting
    along, parallel to the beach. I cast about 20ft in front of them, they stop at the fly...fish on! Bone 4.

    Today was a real treat to be on the flats, because I saw a School of 15 Tarpon, 1 Snook, 2 more bones
    that wouldn't bite, a School of 10 adult Barracuda, and possibly 2 Redfish. I have put my time this fall;
    but the rewards are unforgettable from these 3+ pound bonefish.

    The 3Bone Address mark@threebone.com

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    Again, well done.
    Ron Conner Release the fish, keep the memories. Once a Knight is enough.

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    Toss up some pictures! Need to see these beauties

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    The Pics are on the bottom of this page in Nov. 1 listing/report.

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