Tarpon fishing is going good but its still not that crazy non stop action bite. Just need a good cold front to get the mullet running more. Snook fishing is slow compared to the last 5 years at this time, with all the dumping of the spill ways and making the river dirty. It needs to stop! Tarpon are ranging in all different sizes and can be found every where if you put your time in looking. Sharks have been biting good too, from spinners to black tips. Nothing as cool as hooking onto a spinner as it puts a show on jumping and spinning. This picture first has a story, I finally had a good grip and this big girl goes and head butts my face. You can see she turned my head to the right but I still won the fight. LOL Camera's auto focus broke so had to do all pics manually, pics by Drew and me.
Did a charter with Greg Shaughnessy from Miami, he wanted to learn how to use the hawk. So took him out and taught him how to use the jig. He tried them down there and just didn't have the confidence on using them. So here are some pics of that night.66315_10151049656965588_1532701266_n.jpg548398_10151049656975588_1361132630_n.jpg
Just last night he sends me a picture from down in Miami with a nice slot snook he got on the hawk. IMG950205.jpg So if your looking to catch some fish or learn some new tricks just go to my web site and you can reach me by email or phone.