Honda 130 acg indicator light
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    Honda 130 acg indicator light

    Honda 130 acg light comes on as soon as I turn the battery switch on. no buzzer and motor runs fine any one eels know of this problem

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    Looking at a Honda factory service manual, the the three listed conditions to illuminate the light are:

    - Ignition switch ON initial check (all lights illuminate during check and buzzer should beep twice)

    - 2 seconds after turning ignition to ON

    - Alternator faulty (This is accompanied by intermittent prolonged sounding of the buzzer)

    If the light comes on when the ignition is ON without the engine running it is normal.

    If the light is illuminating when the engine is running it indicates a fault with the charging system. If this were your condition, I'd say that you probably have an inoperative buzzer as well since you don't have an alarm sounding.

    I'm going to venture to guess that your system is operating normal as advertised.

    Let me know if there's more to it and I will be glad to help.
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