My father-in-law came into town for a few days and I wanted to put him on some fish!!! We started the day by stopping by the shop to load up on croakers(one of the many benefits of owning a bait and tackle shop). We then broke the inlet as the sun was cracking and made our way north looking for tarpon chasing the mullet schools. Made it about 5 miles before my passenger had had enough of the 3'-4' close period swell so we headed back to the inlet to see what was chewing.

First few drifts resulted in snags and not much else, but then we had a fish on.

It was one hard pulling jack and put a smile on my in-laws face so all was right in the world.

The next 6 or 7 drifts resulted in more of these great fighting fish, but then the reds started chewing. This was the next guest aboard

After that it was non-stop action for the next 3hrs with numerous double hookups. We were so busy catching that we didn't take a whole lot of pics, but here is one of the bigger guys of the day. He measured in at just over 47".

The total for the day was 36 reds from 34" to 47", several big jacks, and a few freight train break-offs. A really great day of fishing in the beautiful Sebastian Inlet. On a side note, it I put my father-in-law on his biggest fish ever and he fought it like a pro.

We used croakers rigged with 4/0 circle hooks, 40lb pink floro leader, and various split shot weights. We fished the incoming tide.