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Thanks for the response,I see that you are a very knowledgeable capt.Well what I meant by freespool was not leaving the setup in Rodney but keeping the setup in your hand and lightly let out the line while in freespool,the same way you would mutton fish (avoid the sinker from bouncing)I guess its a whole different ballgame with cuberas.I hope I can charter you next cuberas season
Thanks again
The similarity of Cubera and Mutton fishing is that they are both snappers and you drop bait down to catch them. That's about it!

Note: If you're planning on holding the rod in your hand, you better be wearing a gimble and a harness. An average 30-50# Cubera will exert enough pressure to pin the rod in the rod holder on the first couple of runs. ----- Free spool = backlash... bad news in Cubera fishing.

See ya next year!

Capt. Jim