RED ALERT! SLI inshore 9/24
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    RED ALERT! SLI inshore 9/24

    Got a call from my friend and he wanted me to take him fishing for his birthday, had U-verse guys coming to install today but had to make a call for someone else to watch the house while i tended to some business, so i went fishing. Took my friends boat out and headed out of sandsprint with tons of perfect sized mullet and pinfish. We headed out to bullshark in hopes for some good baits and offshore actions but couldnt get bait and a bumpy ride we opted to stay inside the inlet. We headed to some some spots a captain friend wanted to share with me that was inside the inlet and set up anchor their. We were in snook mode and started casting. Started off catching a few 5lb jacks that were chasing mullet schools then my friends drag screams! Its screams for a while and then screams more when it got closer to the boat and we started to see a fish but with the water black visability was zero but then saw the tail of the fish nd we shouted REDFISH!!!! in the boat the fish went. FAT 30in redfish but was over slot and relesed right away after measure. Did it again and same thing reel screaming and in the boat came a 27in redfish, kept it. I let my line out and bam almost instantly i get hooked up using super light tackle and a 15 min fight in the boat came another 27 inch redfish golden red/brown with bright blue tail. My friends turn and soon as the it hits bottom BAM reel screaming action again and land and release a 26in redfish....Long story short we catch 2 more over slot redfish to release and moved on for something different. We went to another area and started hooking up on some slot snook and released them as we had better dinner in the boat already. We catch a few mangrove snapper to 2-3 lbs and then we figured to call it quits. We were using various live baits and hooks to match them and bottom/middle/topwater action with the baits. Awesome day but ocean was to rough to play offshore.

    --My friends birthday redfish--

    --my nice clean golden redfish--

    --Total length pinched tail was just at 27in--

    --Snapper and one redfish on ice--
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