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    Docked boat at Down the hatch thursday night for her three day stay. Out of the inlet at 7 with a net full all three days. Calm seas Friday and Saturday and a little heavy on Sunday. Most fish caught in 100-120 and 140. Warmer water in 80 feet then cooled down a bit further out. Lots of bait and activity on the water all weekend. The guests on Friday and Saturday limited on Red Snapper within about an hour. 8-14lbs. Several big came off so changed the tackle for Saturday and the overall size increased. Went deeper on Sunday with another tackle change and walla...2 red grouper, 1 gag which was 23 and 5/8 , 1 snapper all within about 25 minutes of lines in the water. Then, of course, when your on fire the seas turn a bit and some of the ladies acquired green faces and I was asked to head in. A little island time and then back to the ramp. Damn I'm tired. Checked in at Down the hatch Snapper tournament to see what had happened. I think they said 25 lb was the biggest of the weekend.

    Oh, probably 40 plus sea bass for fun and a six foot nurse shark put on a good 30 minute fight for one of the guys.

    No matter where I went there was FWC wanting the ear stones. I said, "hell yes", take them and realize that you need different regs and for god sakes please go have lunch with the SAFMC so you guys can be on the same page and publish the same frigging regs!!!! Also worth noting that I don't think I have ever seen so many fish floating on the water as I did this weekend. Vent your fish properly people. Overall successful fun weekend and paid my debts to some of the "hey when can I go fishing with you" people

    So my untrained, illogical, ridiculous, stupid conclusion...Breeding Red Snapper are alive and kicking. Please do your research!
    Enjoy the pics
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