Snook on the Fly + Meeting a new floridian.
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    Snook on the Fly + Meeting a new floridian.

    I decided after sending off some completed work that I didn't want to sit in front of my computer the rest of the day. Since my yak and fishing equipment was already loaded from fishing this weekend I headed off to weeks to catch the High tide and falling tide. As i was fishing I met a gentlemen that had recently moved down to Estero. He was fishing with live shrimp and picked up his first redfish. That's going to be a nice dinner.

    I was fishing a swirly tailed gulp, I got a few tugs but no hook ups. I switched to a light colored spook and a clear hologram DOA but that just didn't seem to be the bait either. So on my way back to the launch I noticed the small baits getting slammed on the oyster bars..I took out the fly rod with a really cool shrimp like fly and went to work. I got this 19" snook right away. After releasing him back to grow I headed in. That sure beat being bent over my key board..

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    Very cool....much better than workin'

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