late sunday PC snapper limit
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    late sunday PC snapper limit

    Well got itch to get a few snapper sunday morning after looking at the bouy report so I called my nieghbors ( Bill and Denise )and they said they were in.....loaded boat and on our way at 10 am....stopped got a few gal of gas , hit sunrise grabbed a couple doz pins (didnt want to spend any time catchin bait it was already late) hit the ramp and off we go.....only to be waylayed by the man (4 of them)on the orange boat....after me showing them all my gear and explaining to them I dont need a weapons permit to have a gun onboard (even tho I have one)and explaining a few other rules to them.....Oh and they were offly concerned about where I was going fishing at ...they asked me five times.....after 30 min of dancing around with them I was headed out..
    Straight to the spot we got some big ones the last time , and what do you know they are still there and hungry.....we did weed through some sharks but didnt taske long to get our limit and we did the same thing as jeff used the live well as a release well.....ok we have our snapper and I didnt want to leave yet so we shot out to the 27 and picked through some more fish until i put a grouper in the box then called it a day...biggest snapper was 24.4 pounds
    Denise with her personal best

    and one of yours truely
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