The peacock bass just haven't been as abundant, as discussed in "The Chill on Peacock Bass" story on the South Region homepage in the recent years after the big chill. A couple buddies and I have been doing some bass fishing in his backyard after work these past couple days.
My buddies Alex and Frank have been fishing this lake since they were small boys and are always telling me and showing me pics of past lunkers that have been pulled up, even a couple snook. With the opportunity to catch lunker bass or a elusive snook who could resist, especially with a jon at are disposal. For bait my buddies like to stick to live bait, I recently started fly fishing so I can't seem to want to do any other kind of fishing, even in a full jon boat...hahahah watch your lip. The bite has been strong, the baits have been getting hit within minutes even seconds in some cases by both peacock and large mouth bass. Most of the fish have been peacocks. The fly was even getting hit just as much as the live bait, which my buddies couldn't believe since they hate the whole idea of fly fishing. Well we didn't pull any lunkers out, but we did catch a lot of average sized bass and peacocks even a triple hookup on one day. It seems like the bass population is coming back strong which made a lot of his neighbors happy who had been watching us pull up fish left and right for the past couple days. Lots of action and good times oh's a couple pics..