Pine Island September 7th

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    Pine Island September 7th

    A few days ago I got a call from a buddy of mine in my old military unit. He's been bugging me to get out and fish off a kayak for the first time for some time now and for some reason or another our schedules never meet up. Well seeing as how he's deploying to Afghanistan next month today was the day where I cleared my schedule and decided to load the Hobie's on the roof and put him on some fish. We met at the Publix on Old Burnt Store Rd in Cape Coral and I led him to my launch to fish the Burnt Store Bar area. We got out on the water just as the sun was making an appearance over the horizon and creating a picture perfect scene on the water.

    After making our way out onto the flat I immediately noticed some activity and started throwing a topwater. Cast number 3 and I was hooked up!!

    The day slowed down a bit after that. We all managed to get a few small trout and some small snook here and there. I was happy because I finished off my slam in under an hour, but the fish were small and I couldn't find a decent redfish to put my buddy on....

    As the day heated up and the tide quickly dragged all of the water off of the flats we started concentrating our focus on the deeper potholes. Our change in tactics was rewarded with back to back mid slot reds.

    As it got hotter and the sun continued to climb into the sky we decided to call it quits and head in on a good note, managing a few 14" flounder to toss in the cooler as well. For only a few hours of fishing I'm going to mark it down as a successful day on the water.

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    A day on the water is a good day, if you catch fish it's even better and if your fishing with a buddy who proudly serves this great nation it's as good as it gets. Nice pics and I look forward to giving it a go next Tuesday.

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