Still On a GREAT Wading Bite! 9/11/12
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    Still On a GREAT Wading Bite! 9/11/12

    Had plans to go wade the west side with topwaters this morning, but when we showed up, realized it was far too windy for topwater. So we quickly tied on Mirrodine twitch baits and got in the water. Wasn't long before we were on a steady bite from 15 to 17 inch trout. Right as I mention that I hadn't caught a ladyfish since the tropical storm came through, I'm slammed by a giant ladyfish. It inhaled my twitch bait so while I'm trying to unhook it, my buddy points out some big fish busting on the top. He goes down there and hooks up right away. I'm still attempting to unhook my ladyfish and finally get down there. He lands one of the biggest blue runners I've ever seen. On his next cast, he hooks up to the gator trout were looking for! We land it and get a good picture before its released. He turns around in the same spot and nails another giant trout, almost identical to the one before! Then I hooked up to a big trout, but after a few violent head shakes, it's gone. Pretty good trip and off the water by 8:45am. About 20 trout and 2 of them went 24-25 inches. All fish were caught on MirrOdine twitch baits w/ bright green back.
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