Had the opportunity this passed Saturday to take my friend and snakehead guide Chris Licato on a Reel-Deal Adventure to Peacock Paradise...After his 30 minute drive down from Coral Springs to Pembroke Pines, I wasted little time, as the first spot produced 8 peacocks, including 3 bulldozers (4+ lbs)...Here is just a sample...

Bulldozer #1

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Bulldozer #2

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From there we headed a few minutes southwest into Miramar, where the peacock bite has been fantastic the last few weeks...This Saturday nothing changed, as the bite was constant and hook-ups came on just about every cast...Within 30 minutes, we got 9 more fish, including a pair that weighed in at 4 lbs (female) and 7.5 lbs (male)...

Chris showing off his 7.5 lb amazonian beast...

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4 lb and 7.5 lb pair...

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With shredded thumbs and 21 peacocks caught, photographed, and released, we decided to stop at a third and final spot on the way home...A small lake on the Miramar/Pines border that can't be much bigger than half an acre...Peacock Paradise is what I call it, as every single cast, artificial or live bait, will result in a hit...Within 15 minutes we managed 6 more peas, raising our total to 27 on the day...

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As our thumbs ached in pain and our throats begged for a drink, we called it quits and headed home...

Total tally = 3 lakes; 3 hrs; 27 peacocks...

Just another day in Peacock Paradise with Reel-Deal Adventures...