POnce 9/1 Offshore -mixed bag new boat skunk gone

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    POnce 9/1 Offshore -mixed bag new boat skunk gone

    Late post - Finally got new "used" boat ready to head offshore and trusted NOAA to take family to the stream on Saturday looking for storm debree 40 miles out we got 3-5 and 10-15 knots so with my 10 year old girl and family we didn't stay long but got this cuda on the troll. Headed back to calmer party grounds and had the ladies on the boat had a blast including my little girls first Red Snapper, Sea bass and shark. When she hooked up to the snapper she just giggled for the first minute of the fight. That is the same raw feeling all of us big kids get.

    Caught about 20 fish, several red snapper, trigger, sea bass, lizard, shark and the cuda. Water didn't feel cold but couldn't tell. Sorry no water temps. Spent a good part of the morning trying to figure out exactly how to use Raymarine E120 for the first time. Came from Garmin Saw several flying fish and birds beginning at 70 ft SE of Ponce and continued that way sporadically out to the stream. Saw very few boats all day I'm assuming because of the seas. Not a perfect day but no one got sick, we caught fish and got the stink off of the new boat. Click image for larger version. 

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    polk county

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    Nice job daddy-o the smile on your daugther face said it all

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    It's nice that dads get their girl out and involved...she'll remember these good times.

    PS...nice Everglades...had a buddy just pick up a nice used one last month.
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    Great pics!

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    Good job for a first trip. Congrats on the new boat - love them Everglades.
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