Mosquito Lagoon?
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    Mosquito Lagoon?

    Hey guys, I'm on a visit to Titusville up from South Florida, (Delray Beach), and I am booking a charter for the Mosquito Lagoon for tomorrow, (saturday). I have just noticed however, that there is much talk of algae blooms and poor fishing, but some members seem to disagree. My last trip here I got skunked on a charter, and have never caught a redfish.

    My question is what is the general consensus? Is it worth it? Should I cancel? are there fish to be had?
    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Contact some of the Lagoon Charter capts that visit this forum and ask them direclty. They wont just take your money and take you for a boat ride. If its not worth it they will let you know but I would think that they know enough spots that they will put on on fish.

    A couple that quickly come to mind are Capt Mark Wright, Capt Pat Murphy, Capt Jim Ross, Capt Brian Palhmer (sp?) etc.... and plenty more good guys up here and online.
    Mark Wilson

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    I went yesterday, water is murky, and there is a lot of grass that caused me to lose 5 redfish on my fly rod (it would slide on the leader and pull the hook) however I caught one and I think to have 6 sight fished reds take a fly in one morning is reasonably successful. so I wouldnt be horribly discouraged, and a guide will really help. to add to docked wages list I would suggest Scott Tripp.

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