Was itching to out today even tho the tides weren't that great launched at mayport and headed to deep creek, yep the tide was already slack. Super high. No movement.
After hooking onto a small flounder and small troutImageUploadedByTapatalk1345082263.379691.jpg I thought eh maybe it won't be so bad.

My buddy lost a decent (probably undersized) red and my brother land another trout ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345082372.965222.jpg

Saw another boat in the creek and they said the only pulled up a couple small flounders.

At the point my drag started screaming!
Took me awhile (I use 10lb test) but I snagged this bad boy!

I'm so happy it wasn't over sized bc it inhaled my yozuri! I didn't want to have to cut the leader and put it back in the water bc you know those yozuris aren't cheap!

Finished up with a nice flounder, keeper trout to finish up the slam. Also snagged a few jacks and a couple lady's on top water to end the day.

I love being on the water, and even better catching fish!