08/14... A beautiful calm day offshore. The Bethel buoy now has sardines which seemed to be absent on previous trips. We filled the live well with bait and took of in search of fish. We trolled artificials at 8kts in the general direction we wanted to head. We were trolling an SPro bucktail jig in the shotgun position and hooked up with 20+ lb blackfin tuna. He was at the side of the boat ready to be gaffed and he threw the hook. We got into a school of bonita and caught a few on the live sardines. We couldn't produce anything other than bonita. Nothing to take home and eat but they were happy and had a lot of fun.

08/15... Today was an exceptional day in every possible way. The seas were dead calm again. The sun was shining all day, we had a great bunch of guys on board and a lot of fish went into the fish box. We picked up some live sardines at the buoy again and went looking for temperature breaks and current rips. In the dead calm sea they were easy to spot. We would drift the rip or temp break and live line sardines on light spinning rods with Shimano Stradic 3000 reels filled with 10lb spectra and 30lb fluoro leaders. Light tackle + dolphin = good times! We got 13 keeper dolphin up to about 10 pounds that went into the ice box. A few of the usual by-catch including barracuda, small sharks, and bonita. One ustomer was eyeing one of my OTI/Stella butterfly jigging combos onboard and asked if it would be OK if he tried it out. I said have at it! He dropped it down in 160' of water and worked the jig like a pro. Then wham! A big amberjack nails the jig on the drop. 15 minutes later a 40 lb Amberjack goes in ice box. Really a fun day!