Port Canaveral Offshore 08-15-12

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    Port Canaveral Offshore 08-15-12

    Ideal weather for a day of fishing!

    Bloody decks are a good thing when you go fishing, as long as its not your!
    We headed North to get into less worked waters and it payed off. The shallow
    and very green water was holding a good number of fish most spots we stopped
    at. Yes we did find sharks, and many very large Cuda's, but the Jacks were
    the fish in big number, along with thousands of large Spadefish.

    The first fish of the day to come in the boat, well, two of them were Cobia.
    Hitting spots along the way, we had the pair swin to the boat, along with thousands
    of small baitfish and a half dozen sharks! The sharks were the most earer to get
    our live bait, but we managed to keep it out oftheir mouth's. The Cobia were
    no doubt full with all the natural bait around, but we kept dropping livies in front
    of their noses long enough that they finally ate (they ingored various jigs). With
    both fish on ice, we headed on.

    At each stop afterward, the same pattern followed, lots of large spadefish, and
    Jacks. There Jacks were mostly Almaco, but several undersized Greater AJ, up
    to 27" were caught and released. A dozen good eating Almaco's were brought
    back to add variety. The smaller ones, which have no size limit, typically have
    zero worms like the larger fish do, and they make great sandwich filets.

    We trolled a bit with only sharks and short strikes, from "Fanged" fish (Cuda)
    as a result. A lot of fish were caught and a good number brought back to the
    docks in what was a good day on the water. The winds picked up a little for
    the ride in, and sea's a little choppy, but not enough for us to slow below 40 mph,
    so I hope the next trip see's the weather and fishing so good!

    Captain Henry
    602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl
    Deep Sea Fishing Port canaveral
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    nice fish captain

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    WTG Capt Henry!
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    Nice! I have had that happen a few times with Cobia, but I then just slip into some free diving gear, and grab the Riffe. Most of the time he/she gets shot.

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