The weather and the bite are a couple of things I can not controll. Just like the rest of the country, the everglades is experiencing the dog days of summer. It just get's plain miserable from mid morning untill the late afternoon. But even
in these unbearable temperatures I have been on a Zara Spook bite all day, everyday for the past month. It's has been a magical time of fishing. My customers been pleasantly shocked to see a topwater bite going all day. Yesterday on the way to the boat ramp, I told the clients that we would be on top all day and the bite would be constant. They thought I was just full of it. They boated over 60 bass in 8 hours all on a Heddon Zara Spook Jr. in chrome color. The fish have not been big but in the 1-6 pound range, but hey that's o.k. too. Here are a couple of photos of happy clients from England, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia.