Lobster Season start bullytime

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    Lobster Season start bullytime

    Sunday at midnight was the start of the 2012 reg lob season, and the plan was to head out early to scout. Well as any good plan on paper sounds awesome, but reality is a different story. Delays had the crew not on the water till after 1:00am so all bets off new plan get on some bugs before we get pounded by the offshore storms that are brewing.
    I counted 4 boats on the Bay at one point which for a reg season start is low, but figured only the die hards out tonight. No competetion made getting our limit allot easier
    The night definately ended allot better than it began with the crew dodging a major storm right as we hit the marina

    Size on the bugs are still reak nice with only two throwbacks for the night.

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    Thanks for the report,nice work

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    good work, I was thinking about it... but didn't make it.

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