Siesta Key Day #5

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    In my mind I'm in my kayak fishing, unfortunately physically I'm at work :(

    Siesta Key Day #5

    Ok, after taking a day off, I started back at 6:30 again. I looked back at the tide charts and compared them to when I had hooked into the Tarpon and saw that they always hit a half an hour to an hour after High Tide. Well High Tide today was at 6:37, so I figured I had until 7 or so to get out catch bait and have them out.

    Well, I was close, got out around 7 and had baits deployed at 7:30, one free lining and one under a float. I continued catching pinfish for some extra baits and ended up catching a 14 inch sea trout. I also had something with some teeth taking my sabiki hooks off too, ended up with just two after about 6 casts. In the process of trying to catch whatever it was, I switched out to a single hook with 40lb flouro carbon and sent it down....about that time my float rig got hit by a 3ft shark, which promptly cut across my recently deployed rig, cutting it off. Not to mention I must have had a weak spot in the power pro because the line snapped! Lost a rig, a float, and a shark...didn't care about the shark.

    While reriggin I saw my float pop back up and it wasn't moving...hmmm, paddled over to it and the line was cut above the float and where the hook was, which is just a little odd to say the least, but I got my float back and enough leader to make another one...sooo, I'm out a hook, I can live with that..

    Deployed the same set up again, about 30 minutes went by and my freelining pinfish just took off. Not only did it take off, but so didin't my bait bucket lid! Apparently the line had got hung up on the bait bucket lid and when the line started going out, it literally popped the lid about 5ft in the air, quite entertaining. I had a good 5 minute battle with another shark, never saw it, but given it didn't jump and I could feel it shaking it's head, I'm gonna guess it was a shark, once again, no love loss there.

    As I find myself rerigging again and out of the corner of my eye, I catch something floating by me...MY LID!!!! Granted I did lose all my bait except one that died, but I got my lid back!

    So, I still had my floating pinfish and now a dead one that I attached to a wire leader and sent out. I took my live pinfish and let it freeline out and put the dead one out freelining as well. About 15 minutes went by and my live pinfish was reaaallllyy nervous, about that time the line started moving faster than it should, set the hook into about 4 foot shark. I had it close to the yak and it darted under the yak and cut the line.

    Was on the water for about 3hrs and figured I had done enough damage for one day. Headed in and intercepted a pod of dolphins on the way in and watched them feed for a little bit.

    Bait is still thick in the surf, saw a few more snook cruising the shoreline, but that was about it for the day.

    Day 6 coming up!!

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    sweet, sounds like a fun trip. Make a night trip and fish the blackburn lights, went there today and there were tons of large snook, I did not get any but they are there feeding and popping all over the place.

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    Good read.

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