Two days yakin in Mosquito Lagoon

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    Two days yakin in Mosquito Lagoon

    Went over to the far east side of the lagoon on Mon and Tues this week. Same scenario withe recent bloom in the water. Coffee colored and extremely skinny. Freshwater runoff has killed alot of the grass causing it to float and rot in the hot sun in turn causing the bloom and bad smell . Low oxygen is creating a small fish kill with the catfish and some small trout. Surprisingly the Redfish are in this location thick. Most are hiding underneath the floating dead grass mats making it very difficult to present lures to. Monday I hooked three upperslots on Bass Assasin paddletails. Tuesday only one come yakside. Saw plenty but very difficult to reach. Cant say how many fish I had less than five ft from the yak at different times. Only was not able to get a lure where they could see it. I cant wait to see the lagoons clear up and be even more productive.

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    Same stuff on the north end of the lagoon, but still catching plenty of fish. Gotta hit them in the head pretty much to get them to see it! Glad to know there still seems to be fish all over the place and yes as soon as it clears up looks like it should be on fire! Tight lines
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