reds on fire!!!!!

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    reds on fire!!!!!

    headed out today with one of my good fishing buddies around 9. headed out to my favorite white bait spot and absolutely blacked out the livewell. we ran about 30 minutes north into PI in search of some bronze warriors in a few old spots of mine. Oh boy we found them alright. within the first hour we already had nine the smallest being 20 largest 25. after a few more hours they became fairly hard to find, getting one every 10 or so casts. the largest of the day was a 28 inch 9lb fish followed by a perfect 27inch 7lb with a few more 25 inchers and a few 24 inchers. after the redfishing started to die we went in search of some snook. landed four all around 22 inches and lost a hefty 35 incher after a solid leader touch boatside. all in all it was an amazing day with 17 total reds, 4 snook (one leader touch 35inch),two 12 inch snapper and 6 trout.

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