Big Fish Wading Trip! 7/18/12
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    Big Fish Wading Trip! 7/18/12

    After doing well yesterday, me and my buddy headed back over to the west side this morning to do some more wading. We notice some fish busting and assume they are jacks, but we make our way over to them anyways. He throws his topwater in them and it's taken right away and after the fish peels off some drag, we see that it's a 26 inch redfish and a great start to the morning! His very next cast he gets a nice 20 inch trout. So now I tie on a topwater. Next thing you know, he's hooked up to another redfish. We followed the school of fish around as long as we could and picked up 25 trout all on topwater. Majority of them were in slot with occasional 20 incher. The sun gets higher, so we both tie on CAL's. My buddy hooks up to what he thinks is a snook, but after a closer look it's a giant trout! 25 inches to be exact. He would get another trout about the same size just a few casts later. Finished with 45 trout and 2 reds. Pretty good for just walking out in the water. Had some really cool takes on the topwaters! Only CAL's thrown today were in Greene.
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