Spent the morning with good company, chasing the ever elusive Tarpon. Found a huge Pogie pod and loaded up on a days worth of bait. Spot locked and started fishing.
Was maybe 5 minutes and i was on my PB Red fish(40"). A few minutes later and my partner is being spooled by something large. A few amazing jumps and its clear hes hooked a Tarpon. 1 hour later, and he lands it after some serious chasing with the boat. Snap some pics and hes released unharmed. Next is my turn. Same story, different Tarpon lol. Beaten and bruised, we head back to try and land a few more Reds. Got 1 more giant as well as 2 very big Nurse sharks and we had to call it a day. We were definitely exhausted. Got some nice firsts out of the way. Awesome day.
Also, we didn't know about the rule saying not to take a Tarpon out of the water. All fish were released healthy.