Fellas, a buddy and myself are going to try to put on a gigging tournament next Saturday nite. Were trying to keep It simple and friendly. Kind of like the wed nighter some of you guys do. Were are also trying to make this a monthly thing. Here's what were thinking.

Time- will be from dusk till dawn
Place- weigh In will be at beach blvd boat ramp.
60/40 payout.
3 fish aggregate (flounder of course) for 1st
2nd will be biggest fish
50 bucks a boat.

Now, you can gig wherever you want. You just have to be at the weigh In at dawn(7:15 will be the cutoff) . What were looking to do Is meet before dark the nite of fishing to collect the money(at beach blvd). Fish will all be weighed on the same thing. Either bogas or a scale but you will be present for this so there Isn't any confusion. I'm no tournament director by any means. So any Ideas are open for discussion but like I said the more simple the better. You can text, email or call me.