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    This might be the easiest contest ever to win a brand new spinning reel from Penn Reels

    Fresh off a win at this year’s ICAST, the Penn Spinfisher V was named the best saltwater reel for 2012. Florida Sportsman and Penn Reels want to give away three of these reels this week to Florida Sportsman Forum members. These brand-new spinning reels aren’t even on the market yet!

    Members must write three or four sentences about the Reel Time With Florida Sportsman online show. What do you like about it? What makes the show different from others?

    Write us your thoughts. The best three answers will be selected as winners. “Cool show, Bro” is not a winning response—something thoughtout is much more likely to win.

    If you haven’t watched any of the Reel Time shows, you’re missing out. But it’s easy to get caught up! Just go to and watch through the episodes. Come back to this thread and post your thoughts.

    The three winners will be selected on Friday, July 20. Florida Sportsman will send members personal messages over the forum asking for mailing addresses. The reels will be shipped directly from Penn Reels.

    So get started! Tell us what you like about Reel Time With Florida Sportsman. Make sure your response is in this thread.
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    I am a kid who loves to fish my local waters and have been doing so for about two years now. I have become completely addicted to fishing and am always looking for easy and simple methods to catch more fish and improve my knowledge of local waters. Reel Time With Florida sportsman hits that perfect balance of being lively, entertaining, and comical while also managing to be extremely informative and helpful that many other fishing shows seem to miss. Reel Time With Florida Sportsman gets right down to YOUR local waters and gives vital pro tips to be ultimately successful in every fishing situation. While also thanks to the lively and entertaining host, George Gozdz, the show is able to be light, concise, and in many situation very whimsical to keep viewers hooked!
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    I get to be the second to take a whack at talking about the great new online series, Reel Time from Florida Sportsman. It is really hard to really give a sense of what this show is all about in one short post but I'll try to sum it up. This super online series allows all anglers to learn what hot bite is going on around the state and it even gives the humble angler/Florida sportsman forum member to get a chance to be featured on the show all by posting a good fishing report. I love the idea of this show and I look forward to every episode so I can learn some new techniques. One day I hope one of my reports can be featured on the show. I also can't forget to mention the host, he is almost god like when it comes to catching fish, (sorry bad pun ), George Gozdz is a local guide from Florida and if anyone knows what hot bites are going on around the state it's him.

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    I enjoy the RTFS series because it spotlights forum members, and displays those member's knowledge of their local fisheries. Captain Gozdz's enthusiasm, knowledge, and love of our sport is clear in every episode and I like learning about different techniques and gear. Reel Time is my favorite fishing show, and the fun they have in the production of these shows is evident in the finished product. Keep up the great work, I look forward to watching many webisodes in the future!!

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    As a South Georgia angler I like to take quick trips to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic waters. What I love most about Reel Time is the insider information that is often discussed like bait and tackle shops, boat ramps, where to catch bait, etc....Reel Time with Florida Sportsman also features Florida Sportsman members who are on the bite and posting pics of their success. They also give great tips on lure selection, presentation, and gear selection. The show is also featured on the website that lets me catch up on old episodes. I'm still new to the saltwater angling world but every weekend I get a little more practice and hopefully soon I'll be posting pics of my own and be featured on Reel Time. Keep up the great work Captain Gozdz and the production team!

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    Well first of all I have watched each and every episode so far! I could not think of a better way to see all of the different areas of the Florida coast without fishing them in person. Real Time shows how a real day of fishing turns out. By this I mean you allways set out to target a specific species in a scecific area. But as we have seen in several episodes (due to weather,tides,etc.) you have had to change things up on a spur of the moment to get the job done. This is what most of us encounter on a normal day on the water. Unlike watching a fishing show on tv where everything is edited out. I love how you mix things up with a lot of different techniques and presentations. I personally have learned a lot from the show. Where else could anyone have the chance to have there own fishing show for the day than Florida Sportsman. Very cool!

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    What I like about RTFS is it hits close to home. It is great to watch regular guys like myself fishing in their own backyard and having a great time. The variety is awesome, and shows all Florida has to offer. It is great to see the different local techniques and nuances used in different regions of the state. I believe it is a one time event for each show. Therefore, we arent watching some highlight reel of all the good fish landed. We get to see what we as fishermasn actually experience on a daily basis; from gasing up/ getting ice and drinks to catching bait to traveling from spot to spot in search of the hot bite. Since moving to Ga several months ago, I can never wait for the next episode to live and fish vicariously through RTFS!

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    RTFS is the most unique fishing show there is, period. Florida Sportsman Forum is an incredible community of anglers from around the state, we all connect with each other and share stories and pictures providing our peers with a wealth of information for every fishable corner Florida possesses. RTFS takes what has always been the cornerstone of this community (the fishing reports) and blows it up onto a professional high quality fishing show with an awesome host. Rather than just featuring the host George Gozdz fishing carelessly around the state though, the show takes it one step further by featuring the actual forum members who are writing the reports. Giving us all an opportunity to be on our own fishing show, which is undoubtedly a dream we have all had at some point.

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    Good luck everyone. We figured many of you would have questions about the specs on the new Spinfisher V so listed below is information from another thread on Florida Sportsman.

    Attachment 38131
    The PENN Spinfisher V. It's the fifth generation of Spinfisher which was introduced in 1963. So for the 50th anniversary we are making several key upgreades to the Spinfisher.

    Attachment 38130

    Watch the video to learn more about the upgrades.

    Attachment 38132
    A total of 6 seals (9 seals on the live liner models) are used to create the new Water Tight Design used in the Spinfisher V. Whether you dunk the reel in the surf, or let it ride in the spray all the way home, you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system.

    Attachment 38133
    A truly sealed drag system with a total of 3 HT-100 drag washers (1 on the top of the spool, 2 underneath the spool). All HT-100 washers are greased for smoothness and longevity. Extreme range, endless adjustment, and a large diameter drag knob so you can easily crank down to max drag.

    Attachment 38134
    A full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads.

    Attachment 38135
    Eliminates the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish. The three lines on the spool flange let you know when you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd or a full spool of line. Also if you respool often these lines five you a benchmark for backing your superlines with monofilament which will help eliminate wasted time and line.

    Attachment 38136
    Live Liner® Drag – Are you a serious live bait fisherman? The Live Liner drag was built for fishing live bait. Simply pull the switch back and the front drag disengages and runs off the Live Liner drag. The Live Liner drag is a much lighter drag that lets your live bait swim free. When you get bit, simply start cranking the handle and the Live Liner drag disengages, the front drag engages, and your tight on your fish.

    Attachment 38137
    No backing needed because the rubber gasket keeps superline from slipping.

    Attachment 38174


    SSV3500/4500 - $139.95
    SSV4500LL/5500/6500 - $159.95
    SSV6500LL/7500/8500 - $179.95
    SSV8500LL/9500/10500 - $199.95
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    Reel time with Florida sportsman is the most epic fishing show I have seen yet, and the most recent episode on the mosquito lagoon was definitely one of my favorites because I have fished that area for quite a while. One of the best things I like about the show is unlike other fishing shows, it actually focuses on fishing and isn't filled with advertisementsand and it is completely free to watch. Some shows I have seen have had more than half the show spent on trying to sell you a product, but RTFS is different. This show has taught me a lot of great info about fishing different areas, and one of the episodes actually inspired me to try shark fishing for the first time. The host George Gozdz is entertaining and knows how to keep a viewer interested. Thank you, and keep the great shows coming!!

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