Port Canaveral Offshore 07-12-12
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    Port Canaveral Offshore 07-12-12

    Port Canaveral Offshore 07-12-12

    With a guest from China, and a Fishing Tackle manufactuer on board this
    trip, we were hoping to find some nice catch's this trip. It turned out just fine!
    We still have fish being found in places that you don't typically find them,
    but we happend on the right spots this trip.

    First was a stop to catch and release some Cuda we had seen the trip before.
    It was an wasy accomplishment. We also had other fish chewing on our baits
    as they drifted lower, but most were not able to get our large Pinfish into
    their mouth's, leaving mangled fish in the wake. We finally found one large
    enough to get the bait and hook into its mouth, and it was fish on, and into the
    icebox....Mangrove Snapper! We had nothing but larger AJ sized Pins in the
    livewell, so off we went to bigger game. That site is on my return list however.

    We found the AJ's quickly, and they were hungry. First up was the smaller ones
    caught jigging, but a great fight they give for their size. I actually had 2 guest
    on the boat with me this trip, but one was down for the count for the day with
    the ill effects of a growing, but still rolling sea.

    As usual Red Snapper were caught, Tagged and released, and this was a hundred
    foot off the bottin, caught on verticle jigs! More jacks were caught and released
    until a live bait on the heavy rig was finally hit. A bigger AJ was now on the
    line, and my guest finally got to feel some "pain". It took a while, but the fish
    came in, and went on ice. Some Almaco Jacks were also caught, and one was
    kept for variety.

    Having run out of live bait, it was down to catching fish with the butterfly
    jig, and catch it did. We were using a smaller jig on a spinning rod to make it
    fun....that is until the biggest fish of the day decided to bite. A large AJ took
    the jig, and the fight was on. It was a really long battle, perhaps 30 to 40
    minutes of back and forth tug-o-war action. We finally got the fish to the boat
    for the final time, and in it came. With a few dozen AJ's caught, and a few good
    sized fish on ice, it was time to head in and clean fish.

    Captain Henry
    ACME Ventures Fishing
    602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Florida
    Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral
    Wile e Coyote

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    Way to go Capt. That is a beauty of a mangrove!!

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    Awesome report and beautiful mangrove snapper.

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    Great report! The mangroves are hard to find out there nice work!

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