First snook, Finally!
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    First snook, Finally!

    Been trying for a while now to get a snook on fly. Tied up a bunch of white flies for Sanibel a couple years ago but was greeted by filthy water after the first tropical storm hit that August. Cleaned up the last day we were there. Had to leave. No snook.
    Hit the surf and around Port Canaveral and had more than plenty my share of lady fish, jacks etc. but no snook.
    Went to Anna Maria last Sunday night and Monday morning found the surf clean and calm. A lot of beach goers though. About 10:30 I see shadows moving through some stirred up mud where swimmers just waded out and two snook moved into the clean water and I start pitching my white fly to them. No interest, switched a couple flies out and still no interest. Finally one turns and follows a menhaden pattern only to snub it. All the while some joker is throwing shells trying to skip them and right on the snooks heads (he doesn't see them) but they dont spook.
    Finally put on a brown gotcha type pattern and one sucked it right in. Yahooooo!
    Not big but the ice is finally broken. After releasing it the fish swim right back to his budy and they still hung around a while. I called the shell skipper over and had him take the photo. Bottom shot shows the brown fly that worked over the unsuccessful white ones.
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