I have the weirdest luck

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    I have the weirdest luck

    I was out at Ft. De Soto yesterday with my kayak and fly rod. I was talking to a nice older gentleman that was wading out into the flat. He was giving me pointers on catching trout in the area. (Thank you if you are out there). Well I tied on a small pinfish imitation fly and started casting. I tied a large red/yellow Stu Apte type deceiver pattern on my 9wt, just in case. Well after a couple of hours of short strikes and misses I tied on a shrimp fly and anchored up off a point in Bunces Pass. A bait pod explodes in front of me well within my limited casting range. I drop my 7wt and grab the 9. First cast produced nothing. Second cast BANG something hammers my fly. Well I'm not at all prepared for a tough fight but I do my best and 15 or so minutes later I get to see what nabbed my fly. A small Bonnethead shark. Now I'm really in trouble. I don't have any gear for unhooking a shark, even a small one. Luckily for me it thrashes at the side of my kayak and throws the hook. Can't catch a trout to save my life but I get a shark that normally feeds on crabs on a tarpon fly

    I didn't get any pictures since it took me by surprise and released itself :(
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    Wow thats a cool surprise! sounds like a fun time

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    Les see, how did Forest Gump put it? Oh yeah! "Life is like a box a chocolates...ya never know what yer gonna get."
    Fresh water is very predictable but not so in salt, that's what makes it sooooo much more fun!

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