Haven't posted a report on here in quite some time.. As I am graduating college this december and looking to get back into the guide business, I picked up a boat (with a lot of help from a friend) that I felt would be the ultimate fishing machine and has been my dream boat for quite some time. Here's the rig (I'm going to rewrap it with my business name and such) 036.jpg

So on to the fishing....
Summer time can be some of the best fishing if you get out there early and beat the heat. I hit the water with a couple buddies at 3:30 and was back on the trailer at 10. Redfish were on fire, as were some nice trout. Final tally for the day: 7 reds boated with probably 6 lost, and 6 nice trout boated (smallest going 17in). Was a great day on the water! As much as I hated missing Church for the morning, being in God's beautiful creation and enjoying it fully like He intends for us to was incredible, and I am blessed to live the life I do.