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    Stud snook on artificial, and cool you are respectful about release.
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    that first pic is awesome.
    It works 60% of the time all the time......

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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaBoy View Post
    Nice snook! How big do you think the gator was? I have gator tags for st lucie county abd would love to take him from one of my favorite fishing spots....
    FloridaBoy, This gator was probably at the 10 foot mark give or take a few inches. Unfortunately if you have St Lucie county tags this gator was in Martin County. When they are agressive like that I'm certain he plans on staying in that area for some time.

    Century, That picture was by far my favorite. Hoping to get it infront of the boys over there at DOA. Figured they would enjoy seeing the picture at the very least. My buddy does a great job with his photography.

    Thanks everyone, Have a happy 4th of July. Hoping to post another report asap, but always enjoy reading everyone elses' as well.

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