Got out there looking for tarpon. Saw very few tarpon and the ones we did see weren't letting us take quality shots. Not the way to start a trip. Ran into a gator, a big gator. It stuck both it's head and tail out of the water, then slammed his head back down. Really agressive and obviously was not happy about us being in his yard. Decided to get away from him and look for our targeted speices. Got up to the orange bouys and started casting across. Seeing a few larger tarpon on the other side had us excited. Took two casts before boom fish on. Fish is running hard and peeling my little baby 2500. Came back to the other side of the bouys and had to have my buddy lift the cable up so i could bring my rod back underneath it. Mission accomplished with keeping the fish on. Of course at this point the fish had ran 50yards off of my 2500 shimano with 10lb test. Being that I don't get much pulling power from a 6-12lb rod I had to fight this fish for little bit. Had no idea until the fish started to come to the surface, thought it was a big tarpon about to go aerial.... WRONG! Up comes a beautiful fatty girl snook who wanted to show us how well she keeps up her gills. Great site to see a big fish do its best to get out of the water. Finally pulled her up to the boat and got my hand on her lips. Oh my what a big mouth you have....Makes my hands look like they belong to a toddler. Seriously just a great fish. Didn't measure her because we just wanted to snap some quick pictures and get her back into the water for her revival. This fish was an easy 40inches from past experience. Was a little worried at first with the revival but 30seconds into it she didnt just bite down on my thumb....she was trying to take my thumb with her. Got my hand back and she swam off strong. Saw a man from shore hook up one of equal size on topwater, but he ended up popping that one off unfortunately. He was heartbroken... I felt his pain being that happens to us all. That was our only bite, hook up, and fish landed this morning. This is a fish that makes the day though. Real happy right now hope you guys can imagine me with a grin from ear to ear. On the way in we got to see more wildlife including an osprey take a mullet out of the water. Not the most graceful thing I have ever seen but awesome to watch it splash down and wrap it's claws into a mullet. Saw a jetski on it's way to the bottom as well. If you're missing your jetski....this may solve your problem. Picture time....only part of this that matters.