SLI 6/30 & 7/1 Marathon

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    SLI 6/30 & 7/1 Marathon

    Left Sandsprit at 6:15 AM with 1DeadBait, SeaMonkey and a friend of 1DeadBaits. Ran to Bullshark picked up a dozen baits. Ran out to 500 FT found a small weed line trolled it for about an hour with no knock downs. Here AlwaysForward on the radio that he found some weed and fish in 1000 FT. We run out and troll the area for 4 hours the weed was better thick. But we could not get a down to save our lives. We had to call it a day early because 1DeadBait had to go to work.

    Left Sandsprit at 6 AM with 1DeadBait and 2 of his friends. We got bait from the bait guy and ran out to find a reason to fish. Did not find any weed until we got to 900 FT. We trolled the area for a couple of hours with no luck. Ran back in to 150 FT found some scattered weed trolled that for about an hour and final we get a knock down and land this small phin. We continued working the area till 2 PM. We ran back to Sandsprit clean the phin. Switched out gear in preparation for some bottom fishing. Went and had lunch at the Tiki bar. Left there and ran out to 140 Ft to do some night bottom fishing. This spot got us some porgy and Seabass. But we were hoping more for some snapper. Since that did seem to pan out we ran to another spot and caught 5 Vermilions. The bite seem to slow down so we started to go to another spot during the run our running light goes out so we call it a night around 10 PM. That was a total of 16 hours on the water. Ended up with 5 vermillion snapper 3 sea bass and 10 porgys.Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, putting some fishing time in!! Take advantage while "summer" is here...

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    Nice haul on bottom fishing for sure. Good eats. . Were fishing both days this weekend. Are you heading out this weekend Jackson?

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