Yesterday I was at work when by the hand of God Almighty, my power went out! Awesome for me cause I work on a computer. So I decided to make a mini fishing trip with a couple of buddies. Stopped at Lehrs to pick up a couple reels I had getting serviced and bought a New St.Croix fly reel. We headed out the river around 1:30. Chased big threadies for a while out by picnic island and caught about a hundred hand size threads. (perfect snook bait) Then went drifting around the back side of sanibel and shell creek and a few other places. We have been seeing snook lately in groupes, I wouldnt call them schools cause its just about 3-5 in a group. We were fishing structure (downed trees, and Mangroves, sand/grass lines) and have been seeing them big Ol'Submarines running the shoreline.
It took a while for the bite to turn on, they seem to be favoring the incoming tide/bottom tide cause we didnt get as much as a bite on the outgoing ( that could be because we were not fishing the right spots at the time, or they just were hungry at the time). When they turned on, they were hammering our baits like a hammer to a nail. These were some smart fish, they were reaching for the mangroves and we we would get them out they would run circles around the boat looking for the first thing to get snagged on. We prevailed for most of them. The first two fish were in the slot giving a great fight. The next two were altogether different. These were some very healthy females who gave us the fight of our life! But enough talk, I know what you guys are waiting for..........the PICS! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
26snook.jpg27snook.jpg28snook.jpg30snook.jpg30snook.jpg37snook.jpg38 snook.jpg39snook.jpg281snook.jpg28snook.jpg381snook.jpg382snook.jpg391snook.jpg