I decided to fish the Rodman Reservoir for the first time ever this weekend. I have always heard what an awesome place to fish it is as well as all the big bass stories that come out of this place so I had to make the trip. Game plan was to leave the house by 4 AM and make the 1hr 30 minute drive to the Kenwood boat ramp in Interlachen, Florida. The boat ramp is a nice two lane ramp with plenty of places to park. I met up with my buddy Matt who like me, has never fished the reservoir either.
After hearing all of the lower unit horror stories I knew we wouldnít be fishing very far away. This place used to be a forest and back in the 80ís and when they dammed the Oklawaha River it flooded the entire forest. There is a main channel you can travel up and down, however; there are stumps everywhere along the sides. Another important thing to know is that sometimes there are floating stumps in the channel so if you do decide to run it you still have to pay close attention.
We idled about a half mile down the main channel and finally decided to pull off and start fishing. Matt is new to bass fishing and has never caught a bass on anything other than a rubber worm so I was going to try and teach him a few great summertime techniques (topwater, crankbait, rattletrap). As the sun was coming up I had him try a Pop-R and within the first 2 seconds of his first cast he had a bass immediately blow up on his bait. We steadily caught fish on top water plugs for about an hour and then switched to swimming senkos. Once the shallow bite started to slow down we moved out into some of the stump fields that Rodman Reservoir is notorious for. These stumps are in much deeper water and arenít stumps but fully submerged trees! We threw the crankbaits around in these stumps for no more than ten minutes before we got our first off shore fish. From that point the entire remainder of the day was spent catching fish after fish on crankbaits. We had an absolute blast and the bite really never slowed down.
After boating close to forty fish we decided to call it a day. Not because we were tired of catching fish but because around 4PM this thunderstorm was closing in fast and we decided to be better safe than sorry. You can bet Iíll be back to Rodman Reservoir very soon!