Sorry folks it's been a while since my last report. Ya, know things get crazy sometimes. I was having motor troubles with mt LT, but lucky for me I know a great up and coming marine tech in the Miami area, who took care of a major problem in a hurry. Anyways while we're waiting for some parts to come in we decicded to try out his new set up on the Classic he owns, and hit up the Peacock Bass .
Ok, back to fish'n. After all the rain we've been having down here the canal systems remind me more of raging rivers, with the locks open and the water rushing out now. You have to find areas that have current, but not too much. Look for eddys and slower moving waters if you want to hook up with the P's. The bait of choice right now are Shad, look for schools of them and fish that area with your bottom finder. The predators will show up below the schools. There's also Snook and Tarpon in the area so make sure you use at least 25lb test flour leader..just in case.
Anyways thanks for reading my report, and I took a few pics for yous to check out.