After being off these fish for the last two weekends it was time to get back to work!! The lake is still down almost 4' below summer pool and the flats are still covered in "green stuff" Fish are scattered and you have to find a "gravel" bank with some kind of shelf on it. Fish sit on this shelf and feed along or face the bank waiting for something to fall in.... I missed 2 eats and I think it was because the water so so clear that I was just so mesmerized watching these fish inhale the fly and then spit it out that I didn't strip strike for a hook set!!! Oh well..... enough excuses..... I did finally connect with a decent fish... So decent in fact that he pulled me into some brush and hung up! After a few mins of wrangling and the help of my lovely wife I got him untangled and to the boat! Fun day on the water!