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    Beach Sharkin Double Header 6/18

    The night was fading slowly when I decided to call two friends, Drew and Mark. Plan was to rendevouz at the beach at 10pm and catch the last few hours of the incoming tide. I loaded my SUV with my Penn 133lh (4/0 Wide) and 50TW international. Both loaded with powerpro.
    Upon set-up, a blue -streaked meteor flew by and knew it was time to paddle out the spread. I paddled the 50tw and 4/0 out while Drew paddled his Senator 6/0 out. We had a few smaller runs and landed a 7ft Nurse shark and were debating on whether to stay.

    We decided to paddle two more baits out on the 4/0 and 6/0.This is where things get interesting. At the end of the incoming the 4/0 starts to run at a fast steady rate. I get to the rod drop the tip, engage strike, and hold on. The T-head takes long and violent 400 yard runs for just under an hr. At this point in the battle Drew's 6/0 starts screaming. He gets to his rod and gets down to business and game on for him! We are both back to back fighting our sharks for about 30 minutes. Mark who we can't thank enough manned the remaining 3 rods as they were going off!
    After that melee it was time to land, measure, photograph, and release our double trouble. 8’9 Greater Hammerhead and 9’0 Lemon Shark

    Bait: Assorted Carcasses.
    Line:80lb Power Pro Hi Vis
    Leader:10ft 500lb mono-#19 AFW Wire
    Depth of drop:8ft
    Turbidity:Tanqueray gin clear
    Other notes: Sand flea hatch, sporadic pompano, lots of eagle rays, clear night, east winds 10knts
    Bite turned on late and end of incoming... Eddie Hammerhead-lemon 100.jpgIMG_0079.jpgEddie Hammerhead-lemon 098.jpg
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