I haven't posted much lately. Between the baby on the way (5 more weeks) and working the bugs out of the new to me maverick. The new boat is awesome just working out some bugs. I have still been managing 1-2 trips a week everywhere between Goodland and Pine Island sound. The snook fishing has been on fire way in the back creeks all the way out to the beaches. First thing in the morning i have been throwing top water flies, there is nothing more exciting then top water explosions. I have been averaging 5-10 snook a day ranging from 20-30+ inches with some bigger ones lost to the mangroves on 10lb test. Bait has been pretty much at any pass and just of the beach but i rarely use live bait. I mainly use artificials and flies. There are some big trout in Estero bay. I caught my first shark on fly which i sight fished off a mangrove bank, it was about a 30lb bull shark. Pine Island had good snook action and had some shots at tarpon with live crab but no takers. Still haven't landed a tarpon this season with about 5 jumped, all at night. I threw flies at some juveniles to 40lbs for a couple hours with no takers. Still on my tarpon quest lol. Landed a baby goliath around 25lbs inshore around marco. Redfish have been spotty for me. Tons of mangos, jacks and ladyfish. i only have pics from my last trip and one snook from a trip with a co-worker. My droid went for a swim so I'm a proud new owner of an iPhone lol. My go pro has been acting up saying invalid sim card so no pics from there either. i don't have another camera to try the card in to see if its the card or the camera.

I know don't bother the manatee but you try telling a pregnant girl no. i swear they fall in love with my boat. i had one follow me for 45 minutes. this one was safe tucked back in an esturary in a no motor zone. They usually come close but i don't like to get them used to being close to boats.

Anyways tight lines. I'm still hoping for that tarpon by my birthday!!