Got an invitation to fly fish Pine Island for tarpon. Met up with Joe Harley at dark thirty and headed out for dawn patrol.



Hit a lot of spots running and gunnin. I was first up and got a fantastic eat by a 24 inch fish. He struck and missed the fly and would not give up. Missing it over and over all the way back to the boat. Just as I was out of line and out of room he ate! Wish I had a video of that.
Next up is Joe who hooks up on baby tarpon. What a beautiful fish that was carefully photographed and release.


Next spot has some bigger fish mixed in and I am back up on deck. I cast and cast to rolling fish with no success so decide to change our luck and Joe steps up to the bow. After a while he gets and eat from a bigger fish and the fight is on.




Which ended in a VERY healthy release...the kind you need a towel and clean your glasses after...but it was the end of our day and time for a nice ride back in.