Port Canaveral Offshore 07-03-12

Clear Skies, Calm Winds, and mild Sea's.......sounds like a good day to
go fishing! First stop was 30 miles out for AJ's. The last trip there had
swells from 6-8', and more problematic, a current nearing 5 mph. This
time the sea's had settled, but the currents were still ripping by over 4 mph.
We did work the area with a few sniffs of the bait, but no hookups. With
a nearly quater mile of drift until we could get out baits to depth, and only
a few seconds over the target, we finally decided to switch gears.

There was a pronounced Rip near us at 270', and despite little weeds, we
set lines out. a half hour into the run, our shotgun rig, a Weighted Wahoo
lure on a 50 wide went off, and took about 2/3 of the line before slowing
down. With the rod in our guest hand, we decided to clear the other lines
to work the boat if needed. The fight lasted about 10 minutes, with some
line taken in and a few more runs taking it back. Unexpectidly, the line
went limp. The fish likely had not been hooked well enough for a prolonged
fight. No fish, but a more keen intrest in sticking to trolling a while!

We continued to follow this upwelling until it started to break up. With no
other signs of fish, they decided to bottom fish in a little less current. We
made a few passes by wrecks along the way, before finding some good
activity. We had noticed a cooler bottom out deeper, so we hoped to find
some bigger fish pushing into shallower waters....and we did.

We quickly dropped a jig into fish marking mid water, and hooked a small AJ.
More drops, more fish. With fish to catch, we stayed the rest of the day, and
added larger live bait to the bottom and mid water. The bottom was all "Red",
and mid water Jacks. On the top, Spadefish were a constant sight around the boat.

When the smaller Jacks surprised the anglers, as to the fight they had....They could
not imagine the fight of a large fish. They soon found out. A large bait was hit, and
the fight was on, It took a while, and a helping hand to get the fish in, but finally
it came in and added a lot of meat to the icebox. A few more big hits were likely
more AJ's that forgot to take the hook with the meal we offered.

Along with AJ, smaller Almaco, Vermillion, Trigger, and of coarse large Red Snappers
were caught. With a good variety, and good quantity of fish caught, back to Port
Canaveral we went. A slow start to the day ended up in a frenzy of catching, so what
a great way to end the fishing day!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl
Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral
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