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    a j day

    this morning we ran up beach creek on the back side of Cumberland island and one throw of the 10 ft net we had more river pogies than we needed shook out round 200 in the live well and dumped the rest back in the creek then we headed out to fa pulled up on the barge threw the marker on it and started our first drift flat lined two pogies on the bait runners and dropped two down on chicken rigs as we slid by the barge both bottom rods got slammed i grabbed the port rod and mike keith grabbed the starboard rod at that moment line started peeling off the port bait runner flat line i reached over and engaged the reel on the bait runner it would have to wait its turn after a 10 min fight i could see color a nice reef donkey netted the amber jack just as the bait runner ran out of line as the 30 lb braid parted at the reel sounding like a 22 cal round i could only wonder if i had just lost a nice cobia for a amber jack i tell my self it was just a big kingfish the alternative is just too much for my cobia addicted mind to bare we boated 7 aj all this size took a coupel of pic and slid the back to the briny depths for aj.jpgaj2.jpgsome one else to enjoy by noon it was not looking good so we headed to the barn

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    Nice work, sounds like fun. Nice looking AJs.

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