"The Endless Summer"
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    Cool "The Endless Summer"

    The Endles Summer started yesterday at 4:30 am as we pushed out of Boca inlet on "The Soundboy", ChadJ55's boat here on the forum. The itinerary for my trip this month will be 5 days in West End Bahamas at Blue Marlin Cove resort then a short one day back here in the states and then it's off to Treasure Cay in the Abaco's for 2 weeks to Marlin fish the Bahamas Billfish Championship on "The Zinn Dog", Captain Jeff Maggio's boat out of Ft. Lauderdale.

    DAY 1:

    Winds died out early and made for a perfect crossing...

    The wives are coming for the first leg of the trip to West End, they're gonna get some sleep on the way today.

    Destination reached in in 2 hours flat.

    After checking in and unloading the boat, we took the girls out snorkeling for the morning. Marvin and the crew here at the Cove are very helpful and cater to whatever you need. It's my first time here at BMC and I love it already. Great rooms and facilities. I had a shot at 2 nice Hogfish in about 20 feet right out front and missed. My lungs aren't what they used to be. I can get down there but I can't chase 'em once I do if they try to flee...lol. I'll have some to report before the end of the trip, I promise.

    After the snorkeling we came back to BMC pool bar and had some libations. Tried to go into the village to get some rum and cigars. They don't sell cigars there only in Lucaya...Hmmm, I was a little disappointed 'bout that.

    Anyway, Me, Chad, and Ria decide to hit some deep drop spots for Yelloweyes and then venture into the channel for some Tuna. I'm aiming to top the one I got from a few weeks ago...

    Here's that one:

    We didn't have much luck with the yelloweyes, just all little bites and small fish. So we head out to Tuna country. The first pack of birds didn't produce. Had a nice Frigate with them and everything but even with heavy chunking we couldn't get the pack over to us. So we push more South into the channel. Out of the corner of my eye I see a huge splash about 100 yards at 3'0clock. I think maybe its a Marlin...could it be!?! Of course not but on the 3rd jump I see the Black and Yellow and know it's a nice size Yellowfin. We cut off it's path and let out a livey to troll around the area. I'm freespooling it back and when it get's about 20 feet behind the boat, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, it's on.

    Hooked up!

    Notice my shirt in this pic....no sweat right!?!

    This fish fought so much harder than the last one. It just kept digging and digging and digging. Everytime I gained 50 feet he took back 70. At one point in the fight I thought it was a shark because I just could not move it. The fish just death spiraled the whole way up for an hour and a half...By far the toughest Tuna I've ever fought. After a brutal fight, Chad and Ria did an excellent job, not only maneuvering the boat but also leadering and gaffing this beast. I was spent and you all know it takes a full crew to catch a fish like this. Chad stuck it in the tail and got it's lower unit out of the water to stop it's digging. I came over with a second gaff, and somehow mustered the energy to help pull it over the bow gunnel.

    Here it is: (He went 84# on the Blue Marlin Cove scale)



    Notice my shirt in this pic now...lol!



    So we're off to a great first day to The Endless Summer! I will keep the reports coming, especially the fishing. I am so stoked to get over to Treasure Cay and get my first "leadered" marlin along with many more with LUNKERDOG!

    I will continue to post at least one full report per day, drunk or not on this 20 day Journey so stay tuned!!

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    Very sweet fish Cliff!

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    That's a hell of a start!

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    tight work! keep'em coming!

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    Nice TUNA! Can anyone say sashimi?

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    dayum, what a fantastic start. congrats to your crew and you. what a beast of a fish. great story and pics.

    look forward to this thread. another *thon.
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    Excellent job Cliff! Looking forward to the rest of the "Endless Summer"!

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    Good Job. Great Fish. Good luck with the marlin.

    Curious as to why there are no rod clamps on the Internationals ?
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    Its NOT the boat that catches the fish.

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    nice job grandma.. tight lines to you guys! nice fish by far! ..have fun!

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    good stuff guys, dying to get in on the YF action...guess i'll have to stick to black fins for now lol :/

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