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    Public Peacocks...

    Got the opportunity to do back to back trips this passed Sunday and Monday...David is an avid fisherman who recently made the move from Georgia down to Palm Beach county and was yet to land some peacocks...We linked up Sunday morning to share some knowledge and knock them off his bucket list...First spot up is a local canal that runs from the intracoastal waterway all the way west, emptying into the Everglades...

    With slightly overcast skies and a chill in the air we knew the fish would be sitting down off the edge...As we walked up to the drain at the first spot, David made his first cast, using the first natural bait, and BAM! Fish on...Couldn't have asked for it better...First spot! First bait! First cast! and First peacock ever...


    After breaking the seal, the bite was steady and 8 more peacocks like this were caught...5 were on slashbaits and 3 on natural bait...


    Best part of this brief 2 hour trip was the finale...Wanting to catch one more before calling it, David dropped a livie in front of the drain and out shot two...Of course we couldn't send David home without a double...


    With 11 peas to his name, and a few spots to return to in the future, we called it a day...

    The next day, my buddy Charlie aka The Doc, wanted to take his daughter fishing and land her a peacock...We hit some bridges, as we've been finding them stacking up in the structure lately...

    10 minutes into fishing and BOOM! Fish on! Charlie hands his daughter the rod and with a little help, she lands this beautiful pea...


    After catching a few small schoolies, we searched another local canal not to far down the street and came across this rare November sight...


    Couldn't believe that we were watching a pair of peas escorting their fry this late into the year...Needless to say we left the parents alone, taught Charlie's daughter a few things about what she was watching, and called it a day...

    All in all, another great two days of fishing with Reel-Deal Adventures...

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    NIce report. Ain't seen a species of fish yet that didn't love to hang out in and around culverts. When I'am on the hunt, I fish em hard.

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