Black Drum Redemption
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    Black Drum Redemption

    Using a heavier weight fly rod (9 wt.) and having someone on board to land the fish all make for a recipe for success. A 3 plus hour fight becomes a half hour fight and your fish actually makes it to the deck. No need for lengthy, amateurish video to prove to friends and family that you truly had an enormous fish on the fly. By noon, we had 5 eats and 3 fish landed.

    If anyone would like to take a stab at guessing the weight of these drum then please do. All we know for sure is that the first fish was the smallest, the 2nd fish somewhat bigger, and the 3rd fish the largest. My 30 lb. boga grip was bottomed out so hard that it likely will never be accurate again!

    JB's ("pondfisher") 1st fish - vertical

    JB's 1st fish - horizontal

    1st fish release

    James' ("spoonfly") 1st fish - vertical

    James' 1st fish - horizontal

    1st fish release

    JB's 2nd fish - vertical

    JB's 2nd fish - horizontal

    2nd fish release
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