Anyone listening to the Safmc garbage
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    Anyone listening to the Safmc garbage

    Just listened to our own Fletch hand one of those so called experts there butt. They honestly expect red snapper to cover every square inch of the bottom. They don't believe the experts should do there sampling on areas that are known to hold fish. What a bunch of knuckle heads. Thanks Fletch will be there Thursday for public comment.

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    its more than a joke. Ray charels could see this is just plane stupid. These guys dont know what they are doing and its a simple attempt to lower the voice of the fishermen.

    I say we OPT OUT! We want all or nothing.

    And do say you can keep fish of any size is freaking RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show me in the history of conservation where it has been a good idea to keep a fish before it has had a chance to breed. Its like NMFS just dosnt learn

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