My Wife and I had a charter with Capt. Dave Kostyo “Knot Nancy”. Dave’s great and I highly recommend.
We launched around 3 pm and within 30 minutes we were in about 160 ft of water with a choppy southwest wind. Hot wind too.
We put out a couple of herring on 20 lb spinning outfits and slow trolled to stay in the blue water.
After 15 minutes we we got a hit – turned out to be a 25 lb blackfin. He is sashimi now.

We continue to slow troll, 10 minutes later two rods go off, so double header for me and J.

Solid run – fish was steady and stayed near the surface, Dave thought it was bonito, then we see a the head of something lunge out of the water about 75 yards out.
It looked like a turtle, and we assumed that a big turtle either ate J's bait or fish. She fought what she thought was a turtle for about 25 minutes, while I finally saw my first cobia – about 20 lbs – come to the boat.

Woohoo – I caught a cobia! And I proceeded to get slapped in the shins by the thing’s tail – nowhere to run on a 28 cc.

Meanwhile, J is still fighting what we assume is a turtle.
We backed down on it to get some line in. Dave estimated J had lost about 250 yards of line on this thing at one point.

I didn’t bother with the video, because I thought “sea turtle”…

This thing came to the surface right off the transom… homina-homina-homina… Cobia!

If you notice – the dorsal fin area of the fish was chewed-up… seems that a shark tried to take her while J was fighting it.

J’s cobia easily went over 60 lbs.

Anyone know a good cobia recipe? I have about 40 lbs of it in my fridge. :full