My buddy Jim and I finally got a nice long break from med school and decided to check out the peacock bite around here while we can...

Got to the water around noon, the fish were thick around our launch area. Tons of mayans, largemouths and peacocks just sitting around, occasionally busting up some bait. Threw in a couple of casts before launching the boat and I pulled out a small largemouth, about 1 pound. As I'm getting the hook out Jim is casting at a pipe. All I hear is "OH MY GOD!" and I turn to see a solid mass of bright orange and green take off about 3 feet out of the water. We're both screaming in joy as he reels it in. Freaking thing was so big it was impossible to lip with one hand, and it was solid muscle. Got some nice pics, released the beauty, and threw a couple more casts to fish that were no longer responding before launching the boat.

As soon as we get in and start casting, we bump into a school of about 20 2-3 lb peacock. They're crushing the bait and they chase our flies like their lives depended on them but we can't manage a bite out of this school. We move on to a drain pipe that held a few big boys last time I visited this lake. I spot a few properly large peacocks, with blue dorsal fins and huge mouths, probably 7-10 lb fish. They looked like little grouper, with those massive pancake sized pectoral fins. They follow a few flies, but aren't fooled. I managed to hook up to a nice 1.5 lb peacock that I was excited about, and another couple largemouth. Every fish we caught was hefty in the tummy with solid lean mass, even the smaller ones. By the time 2:30 rolls around the sun is killing us, the bite has almost turned off and our best flies have lost eyes and are ready to be framed. I lose 2 nice peacock to a bad leader right at the end before we call it a day.

Nice to know there are still some proper monsters around here.


The fly

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the fish