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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasenTails View Post
    Hopefully a marine biologist will be reading the forums and can provide some input.
    I would not count on that...

    It is sure to be VERY controversial....I would doubt anyone will stick there neck out on this one.

    Anyway, there is no money in any budgets (SJWMD FWC DEP et al) for studies....and if the agencies can't hang the blame on good ol' Mother will be heck to pay and a political football.
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    Fishing around Sebastian Inlet from the river south to Wabasso and there is no grass.
    Not just a shortage, there's practically none at all.
    Just a lot of mud & sand.
    Mangroves look healthy, one theory I heard is the cold weather killed it. I don't know that I buy that, but don't really have any other theories.
    Even close to the inlet where pollution shouldn't be a factor, the grass beds are gone.

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    very nice

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    No grass up here in the Ponce Inlet area and I have noticed that the trout population is probably the best I have ever seen as well. The big girls are very plentiful, but the smaller 12-16 inch fish are practically every cast. I hope the grass in your area doesn't have the negative impact you are refering to. Quality fish in that pic. Got me itching to go out.

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